Test Beds

Performance Test Beds

The basic equipment of our performance test beds consists of a measuring unit and a control unit (evaluation, display and control unit with MP Computer). Measuring unit and control unit compose the dynamometer.

The measuring unit contains a rotating machine and measuring devices for torque and speed. The rotating machine is connected to the test object by a suitable coupling. The torque between the rotating machine and the test object is measured.

Usually the test object is an engine and the rotating machine in the measuring unit is a brake. Then measuring unit and control unit are parts of a braking dynamometer.

Engine Performance Test Beds

The engines to be tested can be rolled to the dynamometer on mobile engine supports (RWB Mobile Operation Trolleys or Universal Engine Supports) or can be clamped with Module Plates to the (then usually rollable) test bed, and are connected to the measuring unit by the required coupling.

MPL 500 engine dynamometer with truck engine

Our Range of Dynamometers

Braking dynamometers with air cooling and/or water cooling

Regenerative 4-Q-Dynamometers


Combination of 
			Dynamometers for testing Automotive Drives

Combination of Dynamometers for testing Automotive Drives

New application of proven modules

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Performance Tests at Combustion Engines in Containers

Base for High Torque Experiments

Base for high torque experiments

Modular system for high torque experiments in the lab