Metering the Air Flow Uptake

Volumetric turbine flowmeter with 1.5 m flexible tube

Volumetric turbine-flowmeter

for metering the air flow uptake at combustion engines,
with 1,5 m flexible tube, 200 l silencing chamber
and mobile support,
only with LCD for direct reading of the actual value
(display resolution 0,1 m3/h),
with electrical output and with direct reading flowmeter.



16...250 m/h

Max. error
referred to the measured value

16... 50 m/h

3 %

50...250 m/h

1,5 %

Overload capacity

300 m/h

30 min

400 m/h

1 min

Max. drop in pressure
at the flexible tube's end

120 m/h

6,5 mbar

240 m/h

20 mbar

360 m/h

40 mbar

Subject to change without prior notice !